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Mercenary Entertainment, Inc is a Sacramento, California based entertainment company, dedicated to professional production of retail ready products in the worldwide music and film industries. We specialize in providing retail customers with the best quality music and independent films. We facilitate this process by using the latest state of the art technology, in order to maximize the company’s musical talent and film production quality. The Mercenary Entertainment artists, producers, engineers, filmmakers, videographers, graphic designers, marketers and promoters work together to reach new levels of creativity.  We also strive to provide a comfortable and professional environment for the company’s staff members and employees, to ensure that our administrative and customer service goals are being met on a daily basis. Mercenary Vision Production Company which is exclusively dedicated to music video production, video commercial advertisements and independent films is also a branch of Mercenary Entertainment Inc. Our objective is to contribute high quality products to the international music and film industries as we continue to evolve and grow as a company. 


Beneficial Clothing Line

The 'Beneficial Clothing Line' brand was established in 2015 with a vision of providing top quality street apparel.  This clothing line roots stem from Sacramento, California with the slogan 'Keep it Beneficial'. The meaning behind the clothing brand is to ensure the moves that you decide to make in life are 'Beneficial'. Always 'Keep it Beneficial' and shoot for the highest level of success in whatever field that you apply yourself in.  Please  check out the 'Beneficial Clothing Line' page and continue to support the movement. 


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